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Full Service Catering

We offer catering services for your events, with Mexican dishes that will make your event remarkable. We can base our menus on your preferences or work on something special according to the type of celebration you are hosting.

Handmade tortillas are made on-site, with salsas and appetizers prepared fresh on the spot. Our main dishes are just as fresh as if you were eating traditional street food in Mexico. Enjoy the authentic flavors of Mexico in the comfort of your own home.

Please inquire about pricing and available menu options.

A cooking class that feels more like a party

Bringing the Taste of Mexico to Your Home

About Me

Who is Elizabeth?

Hello there, my name is Elizabeth. I am a passionate Mexican woman in my mid-30s who loves cooking and exploring the rich flavours of my culture. My recipes come straight from my mother's heart and my Titas' skilled hands, and I am always eager to learn more and improve my skills. Cooking is my way of expressing love and sharing joy with others.

what is a cooking party?

Experience Authentic Mexican Food

It is about celebrating with friends and family adding a little taste and fun from Mexico.

We combine the best of two good worlds, eat and have loved ones at the same table, sharing experiences and stories from our hearts while we are having a good meal with authenticity and a drink to make us forget about day-by-day life.

Remember “The way to a person's heart it through the stomach”

what is included?

Mexican Cooking Party

First, let's start by making a refreshing drink called "agua fresca" which is made with fresh fruit. While you enjoy it, we will also share interesting insights into the history of Mexican cuisine. We will provide thorough explanations of recipes and ingredients, so you can confidently step into the kitchen for a hands-on cooking experience. We'll prepare the menu of your choice, which includes authentic Mexican salsas, appetizers, and hand-made tortillas.

After completing the cooking process and adding a touch of Mexican flavor to the dish, we'll set the table to ensure that you and your loved ones can appreciate and savor the meal you've prepared.

Included in our package are

  • printed recipes

  • agua fresca (a fruit-based water beverage),

  • all the necessary ingredients to cook the menu

  • and in the case of cocktails with alcohol, it's also included.

  • We'll also provide a special dessert to end your meal.

Our cooking classes maintain small groups with no more than 8 participants to ensure everyone gets individualized attention. No prior experience is necessary as we have adjusted to accommodate individuals with varying levels of expertise.

To book a Cooking Party, prior reservation and confirmation by Elizabeth are required. Please contact us if you need a different date for your cooking party. We're excited to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

tray of food on wooden surface
tray of food on wooden surface

gift ideas

Charcuterie Box Sets

Looking for Cheese and Charcuterie boxes that are expertly curated with local and artisanal ingredients? Look no further! We offer different sizes to suit any occasion. Each box contains a selection of meat, cheese, dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, olives, pickles, and carrots. And because our selections change every month, there's always something new to discover!

We offer a special delivery service to send a pleasant surprise to your loved ones or friends, with a delightful and delicious idea for a fun day.

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